During the crossing to the canary islands, we had 2 teenagers with. It was quite nice to see how they made progress over time.
The first days they, of course, didn`t know so much about how it is to run watches and take care of the navigation of the ship.

It didn`t take them so much time to understand the meaning to be part of a navigational watch and we had fun together.
After a week, Jonas was able to basically run the watch by himself, he was filling in the logbook, was doing the engine room checks and was maintaining a proper lookout.

While our stay on the Canary islands we had a lot of guests with sail experience, but as well a lot who didn’t.

We managed to teach the people an understanding how it is to be on a sailing vessel and what tasks are needed to be done, so in my opinion, we made a quite good job there and showed “normal” people how it is to be a sailor.
At the crossing back we had a guy with, who sailed with us on the Canarys, so we infected him with sailing on the twister. It was nice to see, how much the guest did keep in mind even after leaving the ship.

First mate Julian Marchmann
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