Gap Year Sailing

Voyages of discovery for adventurers aged between 17 – 30

Are you considering a gap year ….? Do you need a break? How about being part of the crew aboard a traditional sailing ship!? You sail, you cook, you fish for yourself, you hoist sails and… watch sunrises on the far horizon and take cool pictures of dolphins and the wide ocean around you. On board of the Twister, every day will bring new experiences. Five weeks in a row. Only the departure and arrival date is planned, furthermore, you will go where the wind takes you.

Do you dare? Totally away from civilization and certainly away from the known world! Aboard the Twister you write your own new chapters of an adventure book. No two days are the same. You can do ecological research, learn new languages, navigate the sea or dive into history … anything is possible! Of course, you also learn about communication, and you learn and participate in sailing! You literally broaden your horizons. Our expedition is a true journey of discovery, an inquiry and an adventure! In any case, you gain experience as a foundation for the next steps in your life.

You get to know yourself a lot better: you find your talents and you find your skills. It is a learning environment in a close team, without even reminding you of education at all!

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