Dining on board

Whether you are crossing the high seas on an expedition sail or sailing with Twister for that dose of winter sunshine in the Canary Islands or the Caribbean, dining on board Twister is just as bigger part of the holiday as hoisting the sails.

Infact, the pair go hand in hand and after an exhilarating day of sailing, chef René knows just the spread to put before hungry guests. You’ll often see him jumping ashore before the ropes have even been tied or at the crack of dawn in search of the freshest produce. With shopping bags tucked under his arm he will scour the local markets and shops for fresh vegetables, fruits and the perhaps even the local delicacy.

Breakfast, as Rene puts it, is the most important meal of the day and truer words couldn’t be spoken ahead of a day of sailing. From fresh breads, fruits and museli to cheeses, cured ham and preserves to scrambled eggs and bacon – you won’t know where to begin! Second, third and even fourth helpings are invited and much appreciated.

Lunch is usually under sail but that certainly doesn’t stop Rene putting on a good show and could be anything from homemade soups, to open sandwiches and salads to homemade pizza’s. Fruit, Tea and Coffee are always available for guests to help themselves and the chef will bake cakes and biscuits for afternoon snacks.

Dinner is another great feast to finish the day. Full of fresh vegetables, meat or fish from the local markets and having worked in Michelin star restaurants, Rene certainly knows his flavours. From veal to fresh seafood, to vegetarian options or steak – you certainly won’t be disappointed!

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