Event Start Date:
27th December 2021
Event End Date:
2nd January 2022
Event Venue:

EMBARK: TENERIFE 15.00 – DISEMBARK TENERIFE 10.00 – San Miguel Marina 

New Year, New Adventures!
Escape the aftermath of Christmas and bring in the New Year with us, setting sail aboard this beautiful classic tall ship in the warmth of the Western Canary Islands; feasting, exploring and celebrating with Twister and her crew.

Onboard schooner Twister, we combine luxury with the traditional to provide a unique sailing holiday experience, as either a novice sailor or an experienced hand. Like most of the Venturesail fleet, the aim is to include you in as much or as little as you wish to take part in; hoisting of the sails, helming the ship or simply being on wildlife watch. We believe in our fast-moving modern world, there is a great deal of satisfaction to work as part of a team aboard a ship from a bygone era; navigating the seas, discovering new islands and enjoying that winter sunshine.

Away from the hectic tourist centres, Twister and her crew will show you a wilder side to this extraordinary archipelago. From walking through the ancient rainforests of Garajonay – La Gomera’s National Park to snorkelling with Manta Rays and phosphorescence – there really is something for everyone of all ages. The spectacular wildlife is, of course, a highlight, but the sailing opportunities and cuisine is just as delightful. With the chance to discover all this with the magnificent Twister as your base is an unmissable opportunity.

No fixed itinerary for your sailing holiday.
Due to Mother Nature, there is, of course, no fixed itinerary for your sailing holiday as Twister needs to sail where the wind and weather take her. The Skipper will have a better idea of the weeks rough plan as you board Twister and will give a briefing on your first evening. We aim to have at least one shore day so you could rent a car or a kayak, and get exploring at your own steam.

La Isla Bonita.
Perhaps this little gem of an Island could be your New Years destination. “Las Doce Uvas de la Suerte” The 12 grapes of luck.  A tradition that says on the first strike of midnight you must eat 12 grapes before the end of the year for luck and prosperity. On the final stroke, the square erupts to the sounds of Salsa music, with bands from Venezuela, Cuba and you will be dancing till dawn with a wonderful feeling of wellbeing and new friendships made.

Romantic La Gomera
Set sail for San Sebastian along with the flying fish to join the New Years party which seems to start exactly on the Countdown. With the main event in the covered square, locals old and young, hand in hand with travellers, join to dance under the stars or walk along the sandy beach; cafes and bars align the streets and are full of life and laughter.
Or come to port in Valle Gran Rey. The steep red cliffs warm the water for an early evening swim before we dine under the stars. As the sun lifts her head above the ocean, take an early morning dip whilst the local fisherman feed the Manta Rays, before joining a crew member to walk the rivers and valleys of Garajonay. Life here is at a slow pace, snorkelling and swimming, walking the quay and chatting with the fishermen bringing home their catch of tuna. With plenty of cafes and bars and the only beach on the island, sit back and relax in the sun.

£1200/ €1390 – single berth, shared cabin

£1800/ €2070 – single berth, own cabin

Included: all food, hot drinks, harbour money, diesel and other extra costs.


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