Atlantic Ocean Crossing: St. Maarten – Azores

Atlantic Ocean Crossing: St. Maarten – Azores

Event Start Date:
16th March 2023
Event End Date:
5th April 2023
Event Venue:

Join Twister on the Caribbean Island St. Maarten for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to cross the Atlantic Ocean! Spend 19 days on board while experiencing the ocean and wildlife in its purest form. Discover St. Maarten, possibly Bermuda and the true beauty of the Azores.

Your holiday will begin on the Caribbean Island of St. Maarten. Although the hilly Caribbean island of St. Maarten has a Dutch and a French part, they share enough traditions that it can be hard to tell where Sint Maarten ends and Saint-Martin begins. Although the diverse island is flatter in the west, the mountains result in the phenomena of rain shadow which dries the trade winds. This makes the island drier than other islands located in the northeast Caribbean Sea.

Onboard schooner Twister, we give everything to provide a unique sailing holiday experience.  During the crossing, we will use a watch-system which is a way to have always crew awake to take care of the ship, the people and its route. The aim is to include you in as much or as little as you wish to take part in; hoisting of the sails, helming the ship, navigating or simply being on wildlife watch. We believe that in our fast-moving modern world, there is great satisfaction to work as part of a team aboard a ship from a bygone era; navigating the seas, discovering new islands and enjoying the ocean. Twister’s crew are exactly whom you want to be joining you whilst you holiday. Their accommodating nature and experience will instantly put you at ease and they will undoubtedly look after you. If you have no experience, they will instil great confidence in literally – helping you to learn the ropes.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and hot drinks are all included in your ticket price and alcohol and soft drinks can be purchased onboard at a reduced rate.


€3400,- including all food, hot drinks, harbour money, diesel and other extra costs.

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