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If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up men and women to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them how to yearn for the vast and endless sea.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Now with limited space for adults! Check it below.

For adventurers between 17 and 30 years old.

Are you thinking of taking a gap year….? Or do you really feel like taking a break? Did you just stop your study or do you want to orientate on a new step in your life because of other reasons? How about travelling the world’s seas as part of the crew of a sailing vessel?

We will be sailing two types of ocean crossings next winter. There is place for twelve enthusiastic people who dare to take a challenge. For about five weeks the wind will tell us where to go: only the departure and arrival date are planned already. Together we set sails, explore the coasts, do research, learn new languages, navigate and have a lot of fun! Will you join us?

You will get a lifetime experience and get to know yourself a lot better! On board you have time to (re-)discover and improve your skills. You will be part of a close team and learn how to take responsibility. You can widen your horizon, literary. Our expedition is a journey of exploration, an ecological challenge and an adventure!

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For adventurous adults

Expedition Horizon is an ocean crossing for twelve people in total. The crew on board has a broad knowledge of the ship, sailing, navigating, ecological awareness and astronomy. Besides that, a talented marine biologist will join us on the trip. She knows everything and will do research about the sea, the sky and the animals we see. On board you can join interesting projects that will make you more aware of our planet and what impact you have on it. You are very welcome to bring your own research project, knowledge, skills and energy to make it a lifetime experience!

From the moment you have booked, you will be a part of the TWISTERcommunity. This includes thinking about and being involved in the Horizon project.

Included in the price: flights, food on board that is been prepared by our own cook every day. (We offer STO guaranties.)

We can help you earn the money for your expedition. Contact us for more information (see contact information below).


Expedition Horizon I: 6 January – 7 February 2020

After you stepped on board at Tenerife, the weather will only get better. We pull the sails up and go. The trade winds will blow us to the other side of the ocean.

At Tenerife we start by getting to know each other and the ship. Then, we sail away and begin our adventure. We set sails for the Cape Verdean islands and if we have time we will even make a stop there. After this, we cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean. After more or less 21 days we can should ‘Land ahoy!’ when we can see the very first Caribbean island. Then there’s plenty of options. There are a lot of interesting islands to go to. You can think of the Boiling Lakes of Dominica, the mysterious St. Lucia. We end on a southern Caribbean island, Tobago. This is where the expedition will end. As a tanned sailor you will fly back home.

33 days // 3975 euro

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Expedition Horizon II: 18 March – 1 May 2020

A journey for the ones who dare to take a challenge! This expedition has everything: sun, islands, blue water, palm trees, different cultures, rain, no wind, a lot of wind, swimming suits, waterproof clothes, being far from home and exploring home from a different perspective.

Tortola (British Virgin Islands) is where we will start the expedition. From then on you will be exploring some beautiful Caribbean islands. We visit Jamaica, Cuba or maybe even Bermuda, before we start setting sail for the Azores.

When the wind is right, we make the last crossing from the Azores to European coasts. When there is the time we will also explore the seaside of France, England or Belgium. At the very end, we go through the locks of IJmuiden to end the expedition in Amsterdam.

45 days // 4725 euro

BOOK NOW by sending an e-mail to horizon@nulltwistersailing.com!

Do you have questions? Or do you just want to have a chat with us? You can call and email us anytime!

Mail: horizon@nulltwistersailing.com

Phone: Marloes Aafjes (+31 6 3742 8452)

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