Event Start Date:
6th January 2020
Event End Date:
7th February 2020
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After a winter of basking in the Canarian sunshine, Twister will be making her way down to even sunnier climates; to the warm waters of the Caribbean.

This trip is for 32 days of exhilarating sailing, where you will become part of the crew, joining in with the watch system as you cross the Atlantic Ocean to reach the Caribbean island of Tobago. She will sail continuously from Tenerife, only stopping off for a break in the middle of her crossing at one of the islands of Cape Verde; a volcanic archipelago off the west coast of Africa. Situated in the Atlantic, 500km to the West of Senegal, these islands provide the perfect stopover for Twister. Restock and rebalance your sea legs, before embarking on the second half of your journey.

Your final destination of Tobago in the Caribbean is the smaller of the two islands of Trinidad and Tobago and is known for its glorious sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and beautiful tropical rainforest. Scarborough is the capital port city, home to the 18th-century ruins of Fort King George, and now home to the Tobago Museum. Tobago is rich with wildlife and is home to over 230 species of birds; its closeness to the mainland makes the island an ideal stopover point for migratory birds.

Twister has her very own onboard chef who will provide you with a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner whatever the weather and all included in your ticket price! This passage is a great opportunity for those that want more time at sea, to improve their sailing skills on a Tallship and be part of a knowledgeable crew who love to share their wisdom and tales.

For more information, have a look at Expedition Horizon.

Ticket  – £3550 / €3975


Included: flights from and to Amsterdam, all food, hot drinks, harbour money, diesel and other extra costs.

BOOK NOW by sending an e-mail to horizon@nulltwistersailing.com!

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